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E.R.P System

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Includes all the modules which are compulsory for large size companies to handle their daily
transacations related to Imports, Exports, Financials, Prodcutions, H.R etc...

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Business Management System

BMS(Business Management System) Includes all the modules which are compulsory Small and medium enterprises to handle the budgets Sales, Purchase and Financial
Transactions on daily basis.

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Payroll Management System

This System managed the employees records regarding attendance, leaves, advances, overtime, taxes, salaries and
resginations as well as increments on monhtly, quarterly and annual basis.

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Inventory Management System

This sytem have to manage the transactions of stocks i.e. gate passes
store transfers, store returns and store issuance as well as stock levels with the values of current, received and issued inventory.

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Production Management

This system manages the production related transactions like, Item Receipies, requistions from store, issuance and consumptions of raw materials,
daily production picture with accurate values and cost as well...

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IT & Networking Services

The services includes IT Support and network i.e. LAN (Ethernet and Wireless), windows installation and troubleshootings,
domain and server management, live IP and live access configurations and terminal server management with full and proper support.

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