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About the IT SOFT

ITSoft was founded in 2008. Every year millions of rupees are lost because of faulty hardware, outdated software, delay in attending to the problems leading to work being stalled, being uninformed about the new technological breakthroughs or being ill-advised about certain products in the market. We understand that and would like to offer our services in the best possible way for you. Solving your problems is what we do. We do not rest until we give you the best. Your success is our success.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help your company realize its potential and maximize its marketability with IT resources. Part of the philosophy of ITSoft in helping your company realize its potential is to make as many things as possible in your company's applications for making it data driven effectively and efficiently.

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Why us

Decision Making

Facing challenges in business is a daunting task even if one has good insight In such a case an expert in this field is most crucial. We are there to guide you through the maze of decision-making and offer assistance in every possible way that you want


ITSoft Corp, has experience of working with IT networking, application programming, application architecture and design, and application project management. ITSoft Corp has worked with small, mid-sized and large corporations in helping them to utilize their IT resources in the best possible manners.


We are bound to ensure our customers for Highly skilled and committed IT professionals Professional and Experienced Project Management personnel and procedures Prompt response to customer requirements

Our Clients

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